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DW Pine
20 of July of 2021
A Historic Partnership

"When Livraria Lello commissioned me to create a large-scale exhibition of TIME covers, it was a wonderful opportunity to not only partner with the world’s most beautiful bookstore, but to see TIME’s nearly 100-year history prominently displayed". D.W. Pine

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Livraria Lello suggests… "Teoria Geral do Esquecimento" and "Os Vivos e os Outros"
07 of July of 2021
Livraria Lello suggests...

"Teoria Geral do Esquecimento" and "Os Vivos e os Outros" are the suggestions of Livraria Lello booksellers for this month.

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06 of July of 2021

The World’s Most Beautiful Bookshop has a new address in the digital world. A new website brings all Livraria Lello's personality online, in an agile, intuitive, and close way. It is true. We've never been closer!

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Sendo os outros
23 of April of 2021

"Books, in their delusions and excesses, in their magnitude, give us the only imaginable sanity. The one that makes us live without nightmares and constraints, that allows us to live with intensity, transporting us to landscapes that, without being there, we can envisage by reading."

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Nobel of female literature
17 of March of 2021
Women and Nobel Prize in Literature: 5 Authors You Should Know

We highlight five women, five writers, five Nobel Prizes for Literature. They are part of the short list of authors who, between 1909 and 2020, were recognized by the Swedish Academy and represent Women and Writers, in all their diversity. Getting to know them and reading them is Livraria Lello's suggestion for you, on International Women's Day.

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