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Delivery and returns

Allow for a maximum delivery time of five working days for European Union member states. The deadlines may vary for other countries. The costs associated with delivery also vary in accordance with the weight of the order and the destination country, calculations that are made automatically on the act of purchasing in accordance with the CLIENT supplied details. 


Right to Free Resolution 
The CLIENT may proceed with the return of already acquired and paid for PRODUCTS and/or bring about the cancellation of already contracted and scheduled SERVICES (e.g., visits to the LIVRARIA LELLO physical space), hence, exercising your right to free resolution within a period of 14 calendar days, without needing to provide any motive/justification. 

The deadline for exercising the right to free resolution expires after 14 days subsequent to: 

  • the day following contractual agreement in the case of exclusively contracting/purchasing Ticket-vouchers. The contract is deemed agreed when the CLIENT advances with payment of the Ticket-voucher(s) acquired in the ONLINE STORE and receives a message confirming the transaction from the Company via email with the Ticket-voucher(s) annexed  
  • the day when the CLIENT or a third party indicated by the CLIENT, with the exception of the transporter, takes physical possession of the Livraria Lello PRODUCTS
On exercising the right to resolution, the CLIENT will be reimbursed for the payments made without any undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 days counting from the date when the CLIENT informs the Company of the resolution decision. 

Reimbursements ae made according to the same means of payment that the CLIENT opted for with the CLIENT furthermore incurring no costs as a consequence of this reimbursement payment. 

NOTE: when the CLIENT advances with the return of a book and, still within the period of free resolution eligibility, but having already benefitted from the associated Ticket-voucher, thus visiting the physical or virtual environment of LIVRARIA LELLO, the Company is then owed the amount of € 8 corresponding to the cost of the entrance ticket, with this amount compensated for within the total sum returned.

In order to exercise their right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER must notify the Company of their decision in an unequivocal manner.


In the case of voucher tickets, you can do this automatically. You will have to do this in your account registered on the Livraria Lello website. If you don't have a registered account, you will have to register with the email address you used to purchase the ticket-voucher when you bought it, and then proceed with the return at:

Personal Area -> Return

Please note: If you need to return more than one Ticket-Voucher, you must enter all the Tickets-Vouchers at once by clicking on the "Add Code" button.


Physical Product

In the case of a physical product, you can return it by email to the following email address:

You must also expressly state your NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, TELEPHONE CONTACT, the purchased PRODUCT(s) and/or SERVICE(s) for which you wish to exercise the right of free contractual resolution and attach the invoice related to the purchase. 

Your notice of withdrawal must be sent before the withdrawal period expires.

Although it is not compulsory, the CLIENT may use the model resolution form available here:

Your notice of free resolution must be sent before the end of the resolution period. 
Rules for the return of LIVRARIA LELLO PRODUCTS in case of Free Contractual Resolution
  • From the date of communicating the decision to terminate the contract, CLIENTS hava a period of 14 days to return or deliver the Product(s) to Company, and must do so to the following address: 
Livraria Lello
Logistics Department 
Rua das Carmelitas, 144
4050-161 Porto – Portugal
  • It is up to the CLIENT to bear the cost of returning the LIVRARIA LELLO PRODUCTS:
  • CLIENTS must also maintain the LIVRARIA LELLO PRODUCTS in a way that allows for their return in proper conditions of usage,
  • Without infringement on the rights of CLIENTS to inspect the type, characteristics and operation of the LELLO PRODUCT with due care, the CLIENT may be held responsible for the depreciation of the PRODUCT should this handling exceed that normally accepted within a commercial establishment context,
  • The PRODUCT(S) must be delivered together with the respective accessories, including the original packaging and labels.
Returns due to defect or lack of PRODUCT conformity

When CLIENTS wish to return a Product due to defects or a lack of conformity, they must report it to the Company's Customer Support service, making recourse to the form provided for this purpose in the RESERVED AREA. For this purpose, the CLIENTS shall indicate the number of their order and describe the defect or lack of conformity detected. 

The warranty periods for the PRODUCTS and for reporting defects or any lack of conformity are those stipulated by the applicable legislation, whether relative to purchase and sale contracts signed between the Company and end consumers, or those signed between the Company and natural or legal entities exercising their respective activities. In any such case, the costs incurred with the return or collection of LELLO PRODUCTS, within the legally established warranty period, shall be borne by the Company. 

Upon the Company taking receipt of the PRODUCT, the due technical verification process will be carried out and, when proving the lack of conformity, the Company will proceed with the refund through the same means of payment as the CLIENT applied in the initial contract with the CLIENT incurring no costs as a result of any such refund.

The Company is also obliged to make such refunds, via the same payment channel as used by the CLIENT and without any cost to the latter, whenever it is proven that the defect or lack of conformity arises from a problem that occurred during transport of the PRODUCT. This does not affect the Company's right of recourse in relation to the carrier that may be declared responsible.

Whenever the technical verification process results in the lack of conformity due to misuse and/or poor handling, maintenance or conservation (e.g., in conditions of excessive humidity) attributable to the CLIENT, there shall be no replacement of the PRODUCT nor its dispatch by the Company to the CLIENT. The CLIENT shall be contacted by the Client Service to collect the PRODUCT directly.