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Vida e Arte do Povo Português

Paulo Ferreira e Luís Chaves

ISBN: 0000000000390




With an expressive preface by António Ferro, the Director of the National Propaganda Secretariat of the Salazar government, Vida e Arte do Povo Português stands out as a work with the intent of propaganda published in the year of the great celebrations of the centenaries of the foundation and restoration of the Portuguese nation. The copy presented is bound in green leather, decorated in gold. Addressing themes such as popular dress and dance, there are contributions by Luís Chaves, D. Sebastião Pessanha, Rocha Madahil and Vergílio Correia. The popular sections of the great exhibitions organized by the Salazar regime, of which the Great Exhibition of the Portuguese World is the most prominent example, would in fact become one of the most important for their representations, even if exaggerated and stereotyped, of the customs of the country’s different regions. This book, of great historical relevance to the socio-cultural and political study of Estado Novo era Portugal, is profusely illustrated with drawings by Paulo Ferreira and photographs by Mário Novais, two renowned artists of the time whose legacy opens up our knowledge of this country in very different times.