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Travels in Portugal

James Murphy

ISBN: 0000000000204



3 000,00€

Ready to journey back to the 18th century? Allow yourself to be swept along by this itinerary of Portuguese monuments, outlined in the travel diary of the famous Irish architect E. James Murphy. This is a copy of the first edition in leather binding. Murphy travelled around Portugal between 1788 and 1790 in order to study and draw the vast Portuguese architectural heritage. The result became this fascinating work, illustrated with 24 beautiful open engravings on metal plates, presented in extra-text. James Murphy was a bricklayer at the time his vocation for drawing and caricature got recognised. He went to Dublin to study drawing and painting, and later architecture. James Murphy's tour of Portugal was sponsored by the well-known collector, antique dealer, and patron of the arts William Burton Cunyngham. His work ranks among the most important for the knowledge contained on the Batalha Monastery, a monumental work of Gothic architecture in Portugal.