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Collector's Editions

Os Estrangeiros do Lima

Manuel Gomes de Lima Bezerra

ISBN: 0000000000195



2 300,00€

First edition of a work of great rarity about the Lima region. The work is divided into two volumes, illustrated and with 19th century leather bindings. Manuel Gomes de Lima Bezerra was a renowned physician and scientist, academic and writer. In Os Estrangeiros no Lima he inaugurated the regionalist monograph model in Portugal, which would become very widespread. In this work, the author includes topics of intellectual debate in the Enlightenment culture of the period of Queen Maria, such as education, promoting craft industry and the importance of agriculture and commerce. Os Estrangeiros no Lima; ou Conversaçoens eruditas sobre os varios pontos de historia ecclesiastica, civil, litteraria, natural, genealogica, antiguidades is a work of great importance and curiosity: a collector's item, truly esteemed and valued.