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Obras de Ferreira de Castro

Ferreira de Castro

ISBN: 0000000000505




This edition contains the complete works of Ferreira de Castro in an elegant four-volumes printed on bible paper with gold-engraved editorial binding. The many texts presented include the works that most stand out by this renowned novelist: Emigrantes, A Selva, A Volta ao Mundo, A Lã e a Neve, As Maravilhas Artísticas do Mundo, among others. Ferreira de Castro is one of the great references in Portuguese literature and was nominated several times as a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature. A year before his death, in 1975, UNESCO declared A Selva one of the ten most read novels in the world. Published in 1930, this novel about the adventures of rubber exploiter in the Brazilian jungle received positive reviews in The New York Times and widely considered to be a masterpiece of modern literature. An emigrant and traveller who went around the world, describing its cultures and artistic wonders, a journalist, but above all a novelist, Ferreira de Castro still features among the authors with the greatest number of works translated worldwide.