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O Mundo Português

Gustavo de Matos Sequeira

ISBN: 0000000002973




Mundo Português: Imagens de uma Exposição Histórica embarks on a journey back in time to the Lisbon of 1940. In this fantastic album, Gustavo de Matos Sequeira opens up the doors on one of the most prominent events under the Estado Novo; the Great Exhibition of the Portuguese World. The double centenary date celebrated the nation’s glorious past, commemorating the eight centuries since 1140, the date attributed to the founding of national independence, and the three centuries passing since the Restoration of Independence (1640). In a Europe plunged into World War II, this event would become even more symbolic as a means of demonstrating to the people that neutral Portugal was at peace and prosperous. This copy, with editorial binding and an illustrated book jacket, is profusely illustrated with engravings of some of the objects and buildings that most marked this exhibition. Many of the purpose designed and built constructions still remain today as prominent features of the Lisbon urban landscape, such as the Monument to the Discoveries and the Império Garden. The work includes a preface by Eduardo Brazão, from the National Secretariat of Information and the speeches given by Duarte Pacheco, Minister of Public Works, and Communications and by Augusto de Castro, Commissioner-General of the Exhibition, at its opening ceremony. The author composed this work with the aim of conveying this great national event to the younger generations, setting down this memory of it for those who were unable to experience it at the time.