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Herberto Helder e João Vieira

ISBN: 0000000002991



2 800,00€

Herberto Helder and João Vieira make up an unmissable collaboration. The result? A limited-edition work of art, from which three printings emerged: 150 Arabic numbered, 30 Roman numbered and 20 HC copies, numbered in Roman and out of print. This is copy no. XXX. Presented in a yellow box evoking the iconic Kodak brand, the collection includes six serigraphs by the painter, two in colour and four in sepia, the latter superimposed on acetate plates where the poem is inscribed. The catalogue, with a dedication by João Vieira, focuses on the exhibition at the Altamira gallery (Lisbon), where the paintings that were part of the preparatory work for the Kodak album went on public display. Published in 1984, Kodak is based on João Vieira's artistic interpretation of a poem by Herberto Helder, bringing together the work of two of the most prominent figures of the Portuguese cultural scene in the second half of the 20th century.