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Collector's Editions

Desenho Diacrónico

Fernando Lemos e Adolfo Luxúria Canibal

ISBN: 0000000003256



1 000,00€

A limited-edition book-object, resulting from the homonymous exhibition presented at Perve Galeria in Alcântara. This is number 90 out of 150 copies. Desenho Diacrónico provides a fusion of painting and poetry. In a protective box, this includes 15 serigraphs on Fabriano paper, signed and numbered by Fernando Lemos, and a 76-page book with a complete reproduction of 50 works by Fernando Lemos, accompanied by the unique poetic voice of the musician Adolfo Luxúria Canibal. The collection also includes three extra serigraphs by one of the most renowned artists of Portuguese Modernism. This book is a work of art of great quality, distinguished by its materials and editorial care.