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As Obras do Doctor Francisco Saa de Miranda

Francisco Sá de Miranda

ISBN: 0000000003013



4 000,00€

A second edition of a work that transports us off on a journey through time to the 16th century, led by the lyrical voice of Francisco Sá de Miranda. An important poet and one of the leading representatives of Humanism in Portugal, with his work he influenced the authors who followed him, including Diogo Bernardes, Luís de Camões, and, more recently, Jorge de Sena and Ruy Belo. His admiration for Culture and Letters led him to visit Italy in 1421, where he encountered the new literary forms, for example, introducing into Portugal the "dulce stil nuovo" popularized by Dante Alighieri in the 13th century. A staunch defender of moral values, he used his verses to denounce the vices of the Court, hailing the importance of nature and the simplicity of country folk. This copy, kept in a protective box, compiles the author's work, and is considered an even more valuable relic than the 1595 edition as it includes "a Relação de sua calidade, & vida" and variations of the poems presented. The binding, with its period spine, is engraved with geometric and vegetal motifs in gold. This copy is enriched by the inclusion of two ex-libris that testify to the wonderful stories and travels of this copy: one belongs to Alfredo Pujol, a journalist and politician from Rio de Janeiro; the other is by Walter Corrêa de Sá e Benavides, also a Brazilian physician.