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Camilo Pessanha

ISBN: 0000000002989




A rare copy of the first edition of the only work published by Camilo Pessanha. This copy, bound in leather and embossed in gold, still has its original paperback covers. Clepsydra, whose name comes from the poem O Relógio by Baudelaire ("The day goes, the night comes; I will remember you! / Clepsydra runs out"), gathers the poems dictated from memory by the author to Ana de Castro Osório, who was responsible for composing the work, as well as some rare manuscripts left by Pessanha during his last visit to Lisbon in 1916. Later, Ana de Castro Osório's son, João de Castro Osório, expanded the original edition, adding other poems discovered in the meanwhile. Camilo Pessanha is considered one of the precursors of modernist literature, having influenced the generation that followed, including writers such as Mário de Sá-Carneiro, Fernando Pessoa and Eugénio de Andrade. The author's poems are an exponent of Portuguese symbolism in musical compositions that reflect the melancholy and pain of living.