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Collector's Editions

O Portugal Vinícola

B.C. Cincinnato da Costa

ISBN: 0000000000050



1 000,00€

A facsimile publication of this work by B. C. Cincinnato da Costa, in an edition limited to 1,000 copies, commemorating the centenary of the first edition of Portugal Vinícola. Produced from an original kept at the National Wine Museum in Alcobaça, it also includes very rich illustrations by Roque Gameiro, depicting the main Portuguese grape varieties. Bound in leather, richly engraved in gold, this is hand finished and bears the signature of Master Domingos Silva. This work was officially presented at the 1900 Paris International Exhibition, unanimously considered to be the most important representation of Portugal with the farmer and oenologist Cincinnato da Costa responsible for the agriculture section. This detailed physical and chemical study of the main Portuguese grape varieties earned the author the Grand Prix and membership of the Society of Viticulturists of France.