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Missal Encadernado em Filigrana

ISBN: 0000000000194



1 000,00€

A small devotional prayer book that is simultaneously a work of art in filigree, an ornamental style made up of very fine threads and tiny metal balls, welded to form a particular design. It is precisely this set of delicately interwoven and welded gold threads that form the binding of this specimen, combining a devotional exercise with an art of great technical mastery that denotes the knowledge of generations of goldsmiths and craftsmen. This rich binding was made in Portugal as detailed by the mark on the back cover. A unique piece, which perhaps reflects the reader's own taste. As the centre of the cover there is a medal depicting Our Lady with the three little shepherds and the date of the Apparitions of Fatima miracle, 1917, an event that, as World War I raged, would mark the history and religiosity of Portugal.