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Collector's Editions

Os Românticos Portugueses

Diogo de Macedo

ISBN: 0000000000149


Os Românticos Portugueses is a limited edition with 1,100 copies. A sculptor and museologist, Diogo de Macedo presents one of the most important works on late 19th century Portuguese art. In addition to the historical accuracy, there is the quality of the images that accompany the text, including numerous full-page reproductions of paintings by the great figures of Romanticism such as Miguel Ângelo Lupi, Tomás da Anunciação and Francisco de Resende. The gold-engraved editorial binding is protected by a book jacket with a representation of one of the best appreciated works of Portuguese Romanticism, "Cinco Artistas em Sintra" by João Cristino da Silva (1855), which is the first collective portrait of artists in a Portuguese painting. A key reference book for connoisseurs and scholars, full of picturesque settings and the lyricism typical of this artistic movement.