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Collector's Editions

Livros Antigos Portuguezes 1489 - 1600

S. M. El-Rei D. Manuel

ISBN: 0000000002918




In what is a first edition of the most complete Portuguese bibliography of the 15th and 16th centuries, this catalogue will delight any bibliophile, having been produced for King Manuel II and his private collection. A true lover of books, the last Portuguese monarch, throughout his life, amassed an important library of national works, which is currently housed in the Ducal Palace in Vila Viçosa. Manuel II embarked on this undertaking while in exile in the United Kingdom following the overthrow of the monarchy in 1910. With the primary objective of updating the biography of homonymous king, Manuel I, in 1919, he hired the services of the bibliophile Maurice Ettinghausen, who he commissioned to encounter the outstanding antique books his collection lacked. This project benefited from the dissolution of several private libraries in Portugal after the declaration of the Republic. In the three volumes making up this collection, apart from detailed bibliographic descriptions, this also provides valuable information on iconographic, typographic, authorship and content aspects. The author's research went so far as to put forward hypotheses that are today recognised and accepted in various fields of knowledge. A bilingual edition, limited to 698 copies, printed in two black and red columns. These very rare and much sought-after copies feature works of great historical, cultural and collecting value.