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Collector's Editions

Sermoens do P. António Vieira

Padre António Vieira

ISBN: 0000000003190



7 500,00€

This work, by the most recognised national orator and prose writer, Father António Vieira, most certainly deserves reading and reflecting upon. With a prolific activity throughout his missionary life, he wrote important Sermões, presented here in a collection of 16 fully leather bound and gold engraved volumes. Printed by the Oficcina de Ioam da Costa, His Majesty's printer, in the post-Philippine period during the reign of King Pedro II, this leather-bound edition underlines the historical and cultural contribution of Father António Vieira's work. A fascinated and curious spirit, from early on this Jesuit missionary grasped the importance of language as a fundamental mediator of human action. His texts are thus unique works of Baroque literature due to the beauty and power instilled into his words. An opportunity to enrich your bookshelves with the complete set of sermons by this admirable writer in an edition of great rarity and elegance.