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Collector's Editions

Leonardo - La Bella Svelata

Elisabetta Gnignera

ISBN: 9788895847443




A special, limited, and numbered edition (number 388 of 1,999 copies) for true connoisseurs of art. This sings a hymn to beauty, produced out of the finest materials: in a protective box, its binding covered in hand-tanned parchment and a leather spine with gold leaf prints. Leading off with the portrait of Bianca Sforza, La Bella Principessa, this book brings together the contributions made by one of the great scholars of Leonardo Da Vinci's work, Professor Emeritus of Oxford University, Martin Kemp, and the specialist in Medieval and Renaissance costume, Elisabetta Gnignera. La Bella Svelata's portrait became known after it sold at auction for just a few thousand dollars in 1998. When, in 2008, Martin Kemp encountered a reproduction of the painting, he began to question whether the drawing was by Leonardo da Vinci, which would considerably increase its value. Following thorough investigation, it was concluded that the portrait represents Bianca Sforza, who had been drawn by Leonardo on the occasion of her marriage to the courtier Galeazzo Sanseverino in 1496, thus allowing for its attribution to the Renaissance Master. In La Bella Svelata, you are guided through the opulence of the 16th century Italian court, experiencing the perfumes, hairstyles and dresses that so marked this era.

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