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Collector's Editions

Absolute Durero

González de Zárte e Jesús María

ISBN: 9788494832208



2 695,00€

Albrech Dürer stands out as one of the leading figures in the History of Western Art. Skilled in the techniques of painting and drawing, his reputation arose from the field of engraving. Combining his skill as an engraver with Gutenberg's invention of the press, he managed to ensure his images crossed borders and, in his own time, selling reproductions of his works in France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. This luxurious Cartem edition is an absolute tribute to his art produced in an artisanal style, with hand-stitched and gold-engraved regenerated leather binding, with the iconic 1498 self-portrait on the cover and Adam and Eve on the back cover. This copy is number 11 in an edition limited to 999 hand-numbered copies. Absolute Durero brings together over 600 very high-quality colour reproductions of the main works both of this great master of the German Renaissance and of artists who, including Rafael, Goya, Picasso or Dalí, have over different generations been influenced by Dürer. The engravings, in most cases life-size, are reproduced on special Fedrigoni paper, purpose made in Italy for this edition and thereby enabling the reconstitution of the original texture. For three years, the art historian Jesús María González de Zárate traced, on the basis of unpublished data taken from the artist's own diaries, the trajectory and critical fortune of this leading figure of the Central European Renaissance, whose work is on exhibition in the best museums worldwide. The result becomes this book that itself reflects a true work of art.

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