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Collector's Editions

Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

ISBN: 0000000034849



10 000,00€

The second printing of the first edition of Great Expectations, usually referred to as the "second edition", is a gem in book form. The story of the young orphan Pip is one of the best-loved Charles Dickens works, portraying themes common to the writer's work and Victorian England, such as poverty, crime, and imperialism. In this book, the British author paints a portrait of his times while incorporating much satire, criticism, and romance. Bound in its original violet cloth, with dry decoration and a gold engraved spine, this copy is distinguished by its "second edition" reference on the title page. There is yet another point which is uniquely characteristic of this second edition: on the 12th line of page 160 there is an "f" missing from the word "of". Another particularity of this magnificent work derives from its publication in three volumes, a rare feature in the British writer’s bibliography but which reflects the context of the time, with the book trade expanding its circulation.