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Collector's Editions

Three Guineas

Virginia Woolf

ISBN: 0000000003180




This work is available as a first edition at Livraria Lello with this copy preserving the book jacket illustrated by the British writer’s sister, the painter Vanessa Bell, a fellow member of the Bloomsbury Group. This group, formed in Bloomsbury, London, was made up of leading writers, artists and intellectuals who would mark the culture and literary affairs of the period between 1905 and the end of World War II. Virginia Woolf would prove one of its most remarkable members alongside her husband Leonard Woolf. This is a work of non-fiction in an epistolary format, published following the feminist outcry over A Room of One's Own. Always ahead of her time, Virginia Woolf addresses issues that still remain highly topical, war and feminism, in a work that continues to garner public appreciation.