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Quadro Elementar da Historia Natural dos Animaes

George Cuvier

ISBN: 0000000034409




Quadro Elementar da Historia Natural dos Animaes represents one of the most reputed works of its time. This first edition, with paperback covers, stands out for its comparative indices and the introduction of Portuguese nomenclature into the work of the French zoologist George Cuvier. Divided into two volumes, it displays a profusion of lithographs, tables and fold-out pages that focus on the most varied of species, from birds to crustaceans. This includes a preface by the translator, António d'Almeida, and by Félix de Avelar Brotero, who was responsible for revising, correcting, and annotating the work, making the French and Latin terms correspond to their Portuguese nomenclature. At a time when, following the Napoleonic Invasions, science in Portugal was stagnating, this book made an important contribution to its update and progress.