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Stephanie Murg e Michael Rock

ISBN: 9788887029574




Pradasphere undertakes a journey through the universe of one of the most prestigious and striking of all brands. Through a look at Prada's collection, this book describes the positioning of this brand in contemporary culture and explores the external constraints that have shaped its vision. Exclusive photographs of clothing and accessories encapsulate the techniques and materials hidden behind the creations. This work, elegantly bound in red with a protective box, analyses how Prada used design to explore and express its ideas about the world. Through clothing, film, architecture and other art forms, this iconic brand demonstrates how design is about the joy of working and the creativity of the spirit, principles it instils into each of its productions. More than a book about fashion or design, this is a discovery of Prada's culture and its way of thinking and innovating. A statement of luxury in an inspiring and constantly surprising edition.

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