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Paula Rego The Complete Graphic Work

T G Rosenthal

ISBN: 9780500093689




This is the first monograph exclusively dedicated to the graphic work of Paula Rego and does so in an edition of great sumptuousness and beauty. This also provides a unique source of information on the work of Portugal’s most acclaimed living artist with images just as disturbing, erotic, and powerful as her paintings. Paula Rego: The Complete Graphic Work discusses and illustrates all of Rego's prints, including 60 unpublished works, totalling 200 etchings and lithographs produced between 1954 and 2003. The book also includes an intimate interview with the artist and an essay on Rego's graphic techniques by the renowned artist and researcher Paul Coldwell. Along a path built between Portugal and the United Kingdom, Paula Rego has established herself as one of the leading figures in international contemporary art. The images she has to reveal offer - like actors on a stage? - complex narratives, full of psychological tension and drama, which explore the most visceral emotions. Her imaginative and imagetic power has asserted itself as a scream, which has revolutionised representations of love and sexuality as well as women themselves.

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