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Os Lusíadas Edição Manuscrita

Luís Vaz de Camões

ISBN: 0000000002911




A great manuscript edition of the landmark Portuguese language poem, edited by the poet and politician Teófilo Braga in a copy richly produced on linen paper. The preface by Manuel Pinheiro Chagas is joined by the participation of other illustrious Portuguese and Brazilian personalities of the time, who contributed to the transcription of the first Cantos of the Luís de Camões work. Os Lusíadas, published in 1572, epically narrate the golden age of the country that was then ahead in its exploration and discovery of the world. In his work, Luís de Camões recounts the adventures and misadventures of a collective hero, the people, an innovation in the poems of the genre that otherwise always adopt an individual hero: the Odyssey has Ulysses, the Aeneid has Virgil, the Divine Comedy has Dante and with Orlando in Orlando Furioso. Each page constitutes a unique record, marked by the strokes of each contributor. In addition, there is the symbol of the banker António Cupertino de Miranda, an important 20th-century Portuguese cultural figure, whose philanthropic activities survive to the present day. An obligatory collector's item in any Camões library, thereby bequeathing to the future "the most national book that our homeland has had".