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Orlando Furioso

M. Lodovico Ariosto

ISBN: 0000000034784



2 500,00€

This Italian first edition of Orlando Furioso, by Lodovico Ariosto, emerges as a true treasure of epic poetry able to take us back to the 16th century. Printed in France and published in 1556, this leather-bound copy becomes even more special because, on page 261, it includes 32 sentences erased as they were then forbidden. Written over more than twenty years by Ludovico Ariosto and published in its final version in 1532 (with 46 cantos and about 40 thousand rhymed verses), Orlando Furioso stands out as one of the greatest monuments of European and world literature, comparable in its cultural relevance to other literary masterpieces such as Dante's Divine Comedy, Torquato Tasso's Jerusalem Liberated or Luís de Camões' Os Lusíadas. This is a work of reference, about love and madness, which inspired many of the world’s great writers who were to come, for example, John Milton and Miguel de Cervantes.