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Mau Tempo no Canal

Vitorino Nemésio

ISBN: 8000000781710


One of the most passionate novels of Portuguese literature, in an edition entirely produced by typography, character by character. First published in 1944 and awarded the Ricardo Malheoros Prize by the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Mau Tempo no Canal would be considered by the poet David Mourão Ferreira as "the most complex, most varied, densest and most subtle in all our literary history". The author, born on Terceira Island, and therefore familiar with the Azorean reality and customs, tells the love story between Margarida Clark Dulmo and João Garcia, who face a Romeo and Juliet situation with their families having been in opposition for generations. The artist Alberto Péssimo here joins Vitorino Nemésio in works of light and shadow that enrich the narrative. A self-reflection by the author, who immerses his readers into the Azores of the 1920s.

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