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Vladimir Nabokov

ISBN: 0000000034818

5 000,00€

A first edition of the controversial love story between a 12-year-old girl and a middle-aged teacher. Despite Nabokov's Russian nationality, the work was originally written in English and published in two volumes by Olympia Press in 1955. The author himself later translated it into Russian as he wished to avoid the subversion of his work by other translators. At an early-stage, Nabokov tried to burn the drafts of the still unfinished work but was prevented from doing so by his wife. In fact, it was the success of Lolita that gave the Russian writer the financial stability that enabled him to continue writing for his living. The iconic green editorial bindings also show the original price of 900 francs on the back cover, proof that books do constantly hold value. In addition to the two volumes making up the work, there are newspaper clippings about the film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick (1962), starring James Mason and Sue Lyon. Since 1955, Lolita has inspired filmmakers, choreographers, musicians, and playwrights for her naivety and daring. Passionate, iconic, scandalous, and even pornographic: many adjectives have served to characterise Lolita. However, seven decades after its publication, the novel remains a reference in world literature and one of the most elegant, lyrical, and melancholic works ever written.