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Impossible Collection: The 100 Most Coveted Artworks of the Modern Era

Philippe Segalot

ISBN: 9782759403004




In this volume in The Impossible Collection, art dealers Philippe Ségalot and Franck Giraud open the doors on their dream gallery. A limited-edition copy that is also in itself a real work of art produced by the hands of the finest craftsmen using the finest quality materials. One of Roy Lichenstein's iconic works is the main feature of the linen box that protects this beautiful edition. Whether from museum collections or galleries and auction houses, the works featured here provide a unique perspective on the greatest artistic achievements of the last century, presented with an introduction by Joachim Pissarro, great-grandson of the painter Camille Pissarro and curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Ségalot and Giraud's curation captures the essence of the contemporary art world while including works notable for their history. Add a splash of colour to your library with this copy of The 100 Most Coveted Artworks of the Modern Era.

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