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História do Futuro

Padre António Vieira

ISBN: 0000000034845



1 150,00€

A first edition of what many consider the first utopian narrative in Portuguese. Its author, a true master of oratory and prose, in this work revives the millenarian myth of the Fifth Empire, a Christian and Portuguese empire that would dominate the world and succeed the great empires of antiquity: Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Roman. Father António Vieira guides the reader through the enigmatic world of the prophecies and mysticism of one of the nation’s founding myths, finding a follower in Fernando Pessoa already into the 20th century. Out of his fascinated and curious spirit, this Jesuit missionary understood early on the importance of language as a fundamental mediator of human action. His texts are thus unique works of Baroque literature, for the beauty and power instilled into his words. This modern bound copy of História do Futuro is a reference work on Sebastianism and essential to all collectors and bibliophiles due to its subject matter, interest and rarity.