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Fragmento do Nobiliário do Conde Dom Pedro ;: Cancioneiro da Ajuda

ISBN: 9789729366093


A beautiful facsimile of the illuminated parchment codex preserved in the National Palace of Ajuda. This edition, with its dry-engraved editorial binding, provides readers with the opportunity to come into direct contact with a document of historical and heritage importance: a collection of late 13th century poems, written in Galician-Portuguese. The codex, known to be unfinished, is faithfully reproduced here in full colour and life-size. The Cancioneiro da Ajuda is also preceded by a fragment of the Livro de Linhagens do Conde D. Pedro, one of the most important books of national nobility, written by the Count of Barcelos in the 14th century. This association is not random as the two manuscripts, which belong to the royal collection, share the same binding even while functioning as independent works. Thus, two milestones in Portuguese medieval literature come together, still recognised for their cultural value today and certain to draw the admiration of collectors and bibliophiles.

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