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Documentos Colombinos en el Archivo General de Simancas


ISBN: 8000001545052

2 500,00€

This certified facsimile edition, limited to 500 copies, was published on the fifth centenary of the death of Christopher Columbus. This copy for the first time reproduces documents of great historical interest held in the General Archive of Simancas in Spain. Christopher Columbus stands out as one of the most representative figures of European Humanism and who led the fleet that, on the commission of the Catholic Kings of Spain, reached the American continent on 12 October 1492. The letter announcing the discovery of America and the navigator's own will are joined here by transcriptions and historical analyses by historians Consuelo Varela, Juan Gil, and José Luis Rodríguez. A total of seven documents, 84 pages, a volume of studies and a letter of authentication, fill a velvet box that will delight bibliophiles, collectors, and historians.

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