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Descrição Geral e Histórica das Moedas Cunhadas em Nome dos Reis, Regentes e Governadores de Portugal

A. C. Teixeira de Aragão

ISBN: 8000000064378


The first edition of a pioneering study on Portuguese numismatics that still remains highly pertinent and up-to-date. The three volumes making up this collection provide detailed biographical information on the kings, princes and governors who ordered the minting of coins in Portugal and the Portuguese territories. This also includes transcriptions of various contemporaneous documents and is illustrated with separate prints. Descrição Geral e Histórica das Moedas cunhados em nome dos Reis, Regentes e Governadores de Portugal is regarded as a scientific work of great and monumental importance, which lay the foundations for national numismatics. A very rare and highly esteemed edition, with gold-engraved editorial binding, Teixeira de Aragão's work is indispensable for collectors, scholars, or those curious simply about numismatics.

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