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Crime do Padre Amaro

Eça de Queiroz

ISBN: 0000000003006




After a polemic first edition, in 1875, with heated criticism both from the Church and for plagiarism of Émile Zola's novel La Faute de l'Abbé Mouret - an idea to which the title contributed -, Eça de Queiroz published a newly reworked and recomposed edition that would definitively affix the text. In a letter to the author, Antero de Quental wrote that O Crime do Padre Amaro "reflects the best example of contemporary Portuguese social psychology". A landmark literary figure, with his detailed descriptions, Eça created admirable portraits of 19th century Portugal in fictional form. Considered to be an early introduction of literary realism into Portugal, the prohibited love of Amaro and Amélia emerges as a human and social document, a criticism of religion and morality. This copy is a second edition in book form, containing an introductory note by Eça de Queiroz, published by Livraria Internacional Ernesto Chardron.