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Collector's Editions

Colección de Obras Sueltas

Félix Lope de Veja

ISBN: 0000000003234



3 000,00€

A 21 volume collection of the works of one of the historical figures in Spanish literature: Lope de Vega. With leather-bound copies, gold-engraved on the spines, this edition comes from the workshop of Don Antonio Sancha, one of the most reputed editors and bookbinders of the time and responsible for publishing the works of many Golden Age authors. Lope de Vega, allowing his inspiration to flow freely, did not restrain himself to the boundaries of each literary genre. Entirely written in its author’s language, this includes highly appreciated and acclaimed works, such as Peregrino en su Patria and Jerusalen Conquistada. Apart from their undeniable historical interest, this collection constitutes a very rare item for collectors and literature lovers.

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