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Céu em Fogo

Mário de Sá Carneiro

ISBN: 0000000000199



5 000,00€

Céu em Fogo embarks on a hallucinating journey through the Modernist period in Portugal, guided by characters who seek the rare, the unusual, the unexpected and the bizarre in a clear projection of the author, Mário de Sá-Carneiro, one of the leading protagonists of this literary genre in Portugal. This bound copy represents a rare example of a first edition bearing the signature of José Pacheko, the renowned artist who produced the design for the paperback and was a close friend to the author. At the time of its publication, the work divided the opinions of critics, who were generally suspicious of newcomers to the scene of Letters and Literature. The book, written in Paris, presents itself as the author’s deep critique of his motherland. It also reflects the influences of a long debate between Sá-Carneiro, and Fernando Pessoa as documented by the correspondence exchanged between them for a period of around two years. Céu em Fogo was published in April 1915, a month after the first issue of Orpheu (financed by Sá-Carneiro's father) at a time when indignation over the periodical was still very much alive. It contains a sequence of autonomous tales, although strongly interlinked as regards their aesthetic aspects, and which the characters, almost always artists or writers, move between. Mário de Sá-Carneiro would later state these are pages of hallucination, having even considered subtitling the book "Dreams".