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Annali Politici, Civili, e Letterari del Secolo Decimottavo

Simon-Nicholas Henri Linguet, Luigi Semplici e All'Haya Parenti

ISBN: 0000000000054


Five copies with beautiful period binding, this edition of the periodical Annali Politici, Civili e Letterari, edited by the controversial journalist and lawyer Simon-Nicholas Henri Linguet, is an Italian translation. This newspaper was first printed in Great Britain in 1777, followed by numerous authorised and clandestine republications all over the world. The publication caught the attention of the Italian printer Filippo Stecchi, who commissioned its translation from the journalist Luigi Semplici. The press reviser Francesco Seratti opposed this large-scale undertaking but the Grand Duke of Tuscany, the future Emperor Leopold II, was a major supporter, which may explain why this work praises the good governance model of this Italian region. Faced by multiple setbacks and challenges in its editing, Annali Politici, Civili e Letterari is an eclectic publication dedicated to many political, social and literary facts of the 18th century. A work of great historical and cultural curiosity.