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Livraria Lello x Bob Dylan


In November 2022, Livraria Lello acquired, at an auction in New York, 150 pages written by teenager Robert Zimmerman, now known as Bob Dylan, from girlfriend Barbara Ann Hewitt at the time.

In the year 1957, Bob Dylan wrote, to his first love, everyday themes related to dreams and music, and that is what gives the letters a very personal character. “He is presented there in an intimate, raw way, revealing himself to the world”, says Aurora Pedro Pinto, manager of the bookstore. When questioned about what motivated her to buy the cards, she replied “dream and passion”, and these, “are the ingredients that are most part of the DNA of this house”.

On the day Livraria Lello celebrated its 117th birthday, a treasured letter was displayed that speaks of the dreams of teenager Bob Dylan.

The manuscript, housed in an installation called “From Dylan With Love”, will be on display until spring.

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