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Flores de España Excelencias de Portugal

António de Sousa de Macedo

ISBN: 0000000000405




Written and published for the first time in 1631, during the Philippine rule of Portugal, this 1737 edition, by when Portugal had already regained its independence, at the end contains, alongside its own frontispiece, the work Armonia Politica dos Documentos Divinos com as Conveniencias de Estado: Exemplar de Principes no Governo dos Gloriosissimos Reys de Portugal [...], also by António de Sousa Macedo. The work, bound in leather, is divided into the various facets of excellence identified with Portugal, including: the fertility of the lands, the monarchy, the nobility and ingenuity of its people, religion, justice, honesty, truth, and loyalty. António de Sousa Macedo was one of the leading actors in the restoration movement, serving important diplomatic roles as Portugal's Minister in London and Ambassador to the Netherlands during the 17th century. He often gets referenced as the first Portuguese journalist, standing out for his extreme culture, versatility, and the direct and concise writing so characteristic of the media.