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What do books, coffee, and condoms have in common? All correspond to visceral needs, and desires that call for an immediate response and, therefore, must be accessible anywhere, anytime, any day. Three pleasures that intersect in Livraria Lello's most recent manifestation, claiming the book as a basic necessity.
In an unprecedented partnership with My Break by Delta Café and Control, the “Satisfying Your Cravings 24/7” action takes books to six unusual locations in the Porto metropolitan area. Five titles published by the Livraria Mais Bonita do Mundo, in Portuguese and English, will coexist with water, iced coffee, and condoms, in vending machines. An action that is both irreverent and symbolic, reaffirming Livraria Lello's mission: “to make the whole world read”.

Livraria Lello

Because the desire to read cannot wait for the opening hours of Bookstores. Next to the Most Beautiful Bookstore in the World, there is now a vending machine filled with some of the greatest classics of literature – Amor de Perdição, The Great Gatsby, The Little Prince, Pride and Prejudice, and Romeo and Juliet, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days. per week.

Lionesa Business Hub

Passion, energy, and knowledge are essential ingredients to fuel the entrepreneurship, talent, and innovation that populate the Lionesa Business Hub. The “Satisfying Your cravings 24/7” action provides more than 7000 people and 120 companies with a new source of inspiration available every day, anytime.

Loureiro Street

Located inside the Fernandina wall, in the middle of the medieval town, in the heart of the area classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rua do Loureiro is the identity, soul, culture, evolution, and history of Porto. It was synonymous with a meeting point and commercial innovation. And it is now home to a new Lionesa Group project. Of Art for Art's sake.
Today, it receives an installation that will once again make it a meeting and sharing point. It receives an innovative vending machine, which crosses passion, energy, and culture, 24 hours a day.

Porto Welcome Center

In how many cities in the world is it possible to find books, coffee, and condoms in the same vending machine? Just right here! Those who arrive at Cidade Invicta are welcomed, at the Turismo do Porto e Norte interactive store, by the Satisfying Your Cravings 24/7 action. Because passion, energy, and culture say a lot about Porto.

Trindade Metro Station

Because in the frenetic pace of everyday life, calm is often found when you are on the move, whether for work, classes, or on your way home. The Satisfying Your Cravings 24/7 action will provide the more than 100,000 people who visit one of the busiest spots in the city of Porto with the energy, passion, and inspiration they need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Matosinhos Municipal Market

Along with essential goods, especially seafood and local horticulture, which fill the multicolored stalls at the Matosinhos Municipal Market, there are now other necessities, such as books or coffee and condoms, which guarantee energy, health, and food for the imagination.