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Campanha Ucrania
Campanha Ucrania

Aware that a book can be a powerful weapon for good and the ideal refuge from a reality that is too difficult to face, Livraria Lello has published one of the best-selling works in its collection of classics in Literature, The Little Prince, in Ukrainian. The translation, pagination, and revision of the work were in charge of Ukrainian professionals, who did the work while experiencing, in the first person, the escalation of the conflict.

Livraria Lello was not indifferent to the devastating humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine and, a few days after the start of the conflict began preparing the launch of the Ukrainian edition of one of the most inspiring books of all time. Two months after the start of the war, it announces the campaign that supports the world's leading humanitarian agency working to promote and defend children's rights – UNICEF. The value of €10 for each book sold will be donated to UNICEF, supporting the organization in its work with Ukrainian children.

How to Contribute?

You can purchase the book The Little Prince, in Ukrainian at Livraria Lello or in the online store, for €15.90, and €10 will be donated to UNICEF.

The Little Prince in Ukrainian

As part of the Livrara Lello X UNICEF - READ FOR UKRAINE campaign, by purchasing The Little Prince in Ukrainian, you are contributing €10 to UNICEF's support for Ukrainian children.

Ukraine: There are 7.5 Million Children at Risk

The escalation of violence in Ukraine is putting millions of children and their families at imminent risk. The conflict in the east of the country – which enters its eighth year – had already affected the lives of more than half a million children. Now, the situation of 7.5 million children is getting worse by the minute.

The conflict in Ukraine has already destroyed critical infrastructure such as homes, hospitals, water distribution networks, schools and orphanages. A country where landmines pose a major threat to children's lives.

There are children among the fatalities. Injured children. Children who are separated from their families. Some get lost being unattended. Many suffer from trauma due to the violence around them. Source: UNICEF

UNICEF action in Ukraine:

The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - was created after World War II, by the United Nations General Assembly, with the aim of responding to the emergency facing European children.

Currently, UNICEF is the only United Nations humanitarian agency working specifically for the promotion and defense of children's rights. territories. The organization's work is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from Governments, foundations, companies and individual donors.

In Ukraine, UNICEF is working 24 hours a day to respond to growing needs on the ground, helping some 7.5 million children and their families. UNICEF has several teams distributed throughout the country, namely in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Kiev. The organization also has employees at the borders with Poland, Romania and Moldova to receive and support refugees, who are mostly women and children.


Your support will be converted into...

  • Medical equipment to support mothers and newborns in hospitals;
  • Mobile Child Protection Teams and Units that provide psychosocial support;
  • Distribution of drinking water and hygiene kits;
  • Financial support for families with children;
  • Safe spaces at borders for refugee children and families.

Note: UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service