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[…] one part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction […].
– Excerpt from the will of Alfred Nobel

Livraria Lello and Time come together on a journey through the Nobel Prizes in Literature. The art installation Livraria Lello X Time: What Makes a Nobel?, signed by Time's creative director, D. W. Pine, highlights authors awarded by the Swedish Academy who were on the cover of the North American magazine, but also many others, not Nobel, who deserved first page honors. Livraria Lello highlights 143 authors, of all genres, nationalities, and ages. Accompanying the installation, some stories and curiosities from the literary careers of various authors are revealed. In total, there are about 650 works available, in several languages.

The theme is controversial and the debate immortal. From 1901 onwards, there have been so many writers honored and so many others left out, raising questions and exclamations from each of the four corners of the world. Who won? Who else might have won? Who might still be able to win? These were the questions that we sent to our readers via an opinion poll, making us all part of this same history. Similar to the literary criticism that has always served as a source for all the projects developed by Livraria Lello, opinions diverge. Indeed, opinions shall always diverge.
This is a project by and for all the community, in an evocation of creativity, of emotional force, hallucinating realism and the power of memory that only books can make possible.

About D.W. Pine

D.W. Pine is the creative director of TIME, responsible for the design of one of the most iconic brands in the world. Over the past 20 years, he has been responsible for over 500 Time covers, including 2019 Best Cover of the Year, awarded by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Also in 2019, D.W. Pine was considered Art Director of the Year, by Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards.
Time's creative director is also on AdAge's list of “Six Creatives You Should Know” in 2018, and one of the 15 people who defined visual culture in 2018, by Artsy. D.W. Pine directed and designed more than two dozen books, including Obama's Inauguration, Haiti, Ted Kennedy, The 100 Greatest Places in History, Barack Obama: Eight Years, Your Digital Life: The Ultimate Users Guide and Inside the White House.
Pine began his career as a sports journalist at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, with over 1100 stories published.