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Livraria Lello hosts presentation of debut book by Madalena Sá Fernandes

On 22 September, at 9pm, Livraria Lello will host journalist and writer Madalena Sá Fernandes for the presentation of her debut book Leme. The author will be in conversation with Marta Bernardes and the session will feature a special appearance by Gonçalo M. Tavares.

Madalena Sá Fernandes was born in Lisbon in 1993. She has a degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and writes chronicles for the newspaper Público. In her first book, the writer decided to face her traumas and show us the life of a child living in a difficult environment.

Leme is the story of a girl who, over the years, has witnessed the erosion of the pillars that sustain human connections: she sees her mother subjugated to the violence of the man with whom she has a dysfunctional love relationship; she experiences the distortion of the roles played by parents and children; she feeds on loneliness to overcome a daily routine of fear and anger; she fights for a place of her own in the midst of family chaos; she learns to recognise the consolation of small victories; and, finally, she rebuilds herself and her memories.

The session is free to attend, subject to prior registration and is limited to the Bookshop's capacity. It will also be possible to watch the event via livestreaming on Livraria Lello's Facebook page.