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Livraria Lello celebrates the International Day of The Little Prince

June 29 marks the date of birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of the book The Little Prince and, therefore, officially became the International Day of the Little Prince. Celebrated around the world, this day aims to unite numerous initiatives that carry messages of hope, peace and respect.
Through a thematic showcase, a commemorative edition and even a room that pays homage to this work, Livraria Lello reflects the special connection it has with history.
It was with Principezinho that he returned to editing, in 2018, and it was in The Collection collection, that the work became one of the house's best sellers.
“The little prince's magic and dream inspire us daily to reinvent ourselves, always with the greater ambition of getting the whole world to read.” – Aurora Pedro Pinto
Thus, on the 29th, Livraria Lello will celebrate the Little Prince's day in the most innovative way. Appealing to everyone who has read the work, and to those who haven't had the opportunity to do so, we challenge our visitors to guess a riddle related to the book. The winners will receive a flash tattoo with one of the most tattooed images of the Little Prince in the world.