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6,4 km
Foz do Porto (Porto River-mouth Zone)

Foz do Porto (Porto River-mouth Zone)

A meeting point between the River Douro and the Atlantic Ocean, Foz has a unique landscape, with beaches whose unique beauty inspired two great 19th-century Portuguese writers who lived here: Ramalho Ortigão and Raul Brandão. 

Ramalho Ortigão's words "Foz! Longing Foz! / Dear childhood residence..." are today inscribed on a plaque placed between Praia dos Ingleses and Praia do Ourigo. Raul Brandão was honoured with a monument in the Jardim do Passeio Alegre, allusive to the sea-related themes that he addresses in his work.

If you are in the historical centre of Porto, take the tram to Foz. The connection between the city centre and Foz do Douro, running along the riverside, is one of the most beautiful routes of Porto's centenary tram network. When you get to Foz, before losing yourself on the sandy beaches and esplanades, take a look at Felgueiras Lighthouse, which has already appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine. 

Coordenadas GPS: 41.1518, -8.67464
Distância da Livraria Lello: 6,4 Km