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Fostering Sustainable Development

Throughout all of our activities, we seek to align with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In embracing this mission of promoting sustainable development in all its aspects, we also assume the preference for having as partners companies that are guided by the same values. We are also committed to the continuous reduction of our ecological footprint, both in editorial activity and in the daily operation of Livraria. 


Free-entrance cultural programming

Our cultural programming is as intense as it is free as an invitation to the citizens of Porto and Portugal to continue to visit their Livraria Lello. Aware that culture is an essential good, we contribute so that, in the community that surrounds us, this becomes accessible. Between 2015 and 2020, we held a total of 125 events, with the involvement of over 500 cultural figures and thereby also supporting the local artistic community.

Donation of books

Throughout recent years, we have donated in excess of 15,000 books, thus contributing to the democratisation of access to literature. We provided the National Library Network with 2,500 copies of a children’s book about Livraria Lello; on various occasions, we commemorate our anniversary through donating books from The Collection; and, in a time of particular global fragility, we wanted to reach out to our readers and gifting over 10,000 books during the first lockdown brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic..

“Quarantine Stories” Literature Competition

In 2020, during the confinement resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Livraria Lello fostered freedom through writing with a story competition designed for new talents. This became one of the literature competitions with the greatest number of entries worldwide: we received over 5,600 candidates from 39 different countries. The six best stories received a monetary prize of one thousand euros apiece and saw their stories published in “Quarantine Tales”, launched by Livraria Lello in October of the same year in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Strategy for office sustainability

In our offices, our daily routines are made up of little (large) gestures of environmental responsibility. The walls are covered in ecological paints; there are filters on the taps both to reduce the speed of their flow and to encourage the consumption of non-bottled water; recycled paper is used coupled with a practically zero printing policy; and all the lighting is provided by LED bulbs.

Launching of the sustainable and 100% Portuguese children’s collection

In 2020, we launched our collection of children’s books – The Little Collection – totally developed by Portuguese artists. These are, furthermore, entirely produced in Portugal and designed appropriately in order to comply with the parameters necessary to FSC certification – the certificate for products deriving from sustainable forestry resources.