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450 Meters

Bolhão Market

Taking a walk through Bolhão Market is an essential experience for getting to know the authentic essence of Porto and its people. The colours and flavours of the fresh produce - fish, meat, fruits and vegetables - and the patter and friendliness of the vendors melt into unique narratives! Testimonies so unique that they have already inspired two books: The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal and Porto: Stories From Portugal’s Historic Bolhão Market, by Gabriella Opaz and Sónia Andresson Nolasco respectively, interweave the culinary culture of Porto with the stories of this century-old market.

The neoclassical architecture building, inaugurated in 1914, was classified in 2006 as a Property of Heritage Interest, and in 2013 as Monument of Public Interest. Since 2018, it has been undergoing restoration and modernisation works, and is expected to reopen in the second half of 2021. Until then, the Temporary Bolhão Market is open for business just a few metres away from the original.

Address: R. Formosa, 4000-214 Porto
GPS Coordinates: 41.15005, -8.60678
Distance from Livraria Lello: 850 metros