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Being a landmark in the tourism field

In recent years, we have restored to the city of Porto and the world a historical bookstore with a future, renovated and refurbished on the outside and the inside, providing an improved heritage and cultural experience to all of those who live in and visit the city’s central neighbourhood. We wish to continue with this mission by, on the one hand, ensuring an ever richer and deeper experience to those who visit us and, on the other hand, contributing so that Porto increasingly strengthens its role as a port of Cultural Tourism.


Livraria Lello is one of the sites of greatest tourism interest in the city of Porto and Portugal. We closed 2019 as the third most visited national location with over 1.2 million visitors. We welcome visitors and readers from Spain, France, Brazil, the United States and from many other places around the world with a total of 207 countries of origin: attracted by the books, the architecture and the unique ambience prevailing in Livraria Lello. They increasingly come for the cultural heritage that we represent. This is the path that we wish to continue to follow on behalf of both Livraria Lello and the city of Porto.

It is our commitment to contribute to Porto ever more becoming a Cultural Tourism destination, where visitors remain for various days to enjoy cultural experiences of excellence.



We invested in a broad digital project that, in 2021, will completely transform the experience of visiting Livraria Lello and Porto. In a new website, it is possible to plan all the steps of the visit to Livraria Lello. In addition to practical information, there are photographs and curiosities about what the visitor will find when they arrive at the Most Beautiful Bookstore in the World. There is also a list of places to visit in the city of Porto, described from a literary perspective.


In 2021, the configuration of Livraria Lello's interior spaces changed. New thematic rooms and artistic installations, and a reorganization of the literary offer contribute to improving the visiting experience, based on the appreciation of the book.