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Becoming a Livraria Lello Patron means helping the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World to achieve its dreams around valuing and preserving books. This thus involves contributing to the greater mission of setting the whole world reading and supporting the role of culture. 

Over the course of recent years, Livraria Lello has made an enormous effort to build up its literary collection of national authors as well as enhancing the value of rare books as a cultural investment of value and with a future. 

In this context, and taking into account the collection Livraria Lello has already built up, the challenge extends to continuing to preserve these jewels that require due understanding in academic terms and the development of an efficient and effective strategy for their preservation.

In becoming a Livraria Lello Patron, you are supporting the preservation of Antique and Rare Books within the framework of enhancing the past and the present for not only future generations but also the collective memory.

In order to obtain further information on becoming a Livraria Lello Patron, get in contact with the Department of Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship via email at