Ticket-Voucher Livro - THE LUSIADS

ISBN: 0000000034940


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The Book Ticket-Voucher The Lusiads allows you to enter Livraria Lello and includes the purchase of the book in Portuguese, English or Spanish. This type of Ticket-Voucher also provides priority entrance to its holders who thus do not need to join the waiting line.
You must schedule the day of the visit at the time of purchase. If you are registered as a customer on this website, you can change the scheduled date in your reserved area, subject to availability.
Please note: The Book Ticket-Voucher does not provide the right to any acquisition of any second book.
Whenever purchasing the Book Ticket-Voucher online, we would request you present it at the Livraria Lello entrance whether physically printed or in a digital format. Should you not have your Ticket-Voucher with you, we shall not be able to allow you to enter.
In the event of product unavailability, Livraria Lello guarantees the replacement of the book with another of equal value from The Collection. In the case of choosing a product with higher value, the difference will be borne by the customer.

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