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Ticket-Voucher Criança/Infant

ISBN: 0000000000006


The Infant Ticket-Voucher comes with a €0 cost and enables children up to the age of 3 (inclusive) to enter Livraria Lello whenever accompanied by an adult.

  • You must schedule the day and time of the visit at the time of purchase. If you are registered as a customer on this website, you can change the scheduled date an time in your reserved area, subject to availability. Note: Hours with lower affluence - lunch time and late afternoon.
  • Whenever purchasing the Infant Ticket-Voucher online, we would request that you present it at the Livraria Lello entrance whether digital format or in a physically printed. Whenever the parent/guardian does not demonstrate possession of the Infant Ticket-Voucher, the infant will not be allowed to enter. The parent/guardian should also present official proof of the child’s age.

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